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New Beginnings in old spaces

Statistically blogs are not meant to survive. According to a report by the New York Times, 95% of all blogs created are abandoned.

In 2022 I personally had a particularly difficult time blogging. Either I was working too much or I was in a rut because I was out of work – one can’t help but to stress out a little when your main source of income is unstable.

So while I’ve had my up’s and downs, I truly and wholeheartedly love my blog. I’d hate seeing it become part of that 95% but I felt lost – and I guess I still feel a little lost – on what to do about it.

Sometime in November, I began to feel that same itch that led me to starting up Between Thoughts & Words (BT&W) in the first place. So, I sat down and started to write a book review, my first in a while, only to draw a complete BLANK.

In doing what every article on how to start a blog said to do, pick a niche, I had unintentionally cut myself off from the multitude of topics. All of which I at sometime imagined myself writing about. My blog became a space where I didn’t think I could share what I wanted to share. Which led to me not using it; while I enjoy sharing my book reviews and other book content, there are other things I’d like to touch on.

That’s not to say that niche writing does not work, especially if you are looking to monetize your blog. It just didn’t work for me.

I entertained the though of deleting everything and starting from scratch, but I didn’t like the idea of saying goodbye to BT&W permanently.

Instead I decided to go the route that so many others choose to revise, refocus, rebrand!

All I can say now, is that I look forward for what’s to come for me and this website. I will continue to share book reviews but those will be in addition to other creative content.

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