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2020 Wrap Up

So I almost didn’t do a wrap up because the amount of books I read in 2020 barely even made it into the double digits. But I figured, there’s enough for a list so here goes. First on the list is the only book I rated ONE star in all of 2020, and that is… Continue reading 2020 Wrap Up

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The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter – Book Review

Finally another book review! I've been absolutely terrible at writing book reviews after finishing up a book; I have about 3 I still need to work on. On a more positive note BT&W is 1 year old! New college, new dorm, new friends … Same Cassie. Two years have passed since Cassie’s family checked her… Continue reading The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter – Book Review

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Exciting Things Happening

Post edited on Nov. 9 2020 during a general blog maintenance check. Surprisingly, I’ve been handling quarantine pretty well. There are days when I do feel lazier and don’t do much, but my hobbies have kept me busy and feeling minimal stress. I hit a big reading slump, after a few smaller ones here and… Continue reading Exciting Things Happening