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Book Blog Newbie Tag-Part 3

Hi all!

Sorry, I’ve been holding on to this last part of the Book Blog Newbie tag for a while. In all honesty, I’ve been spending a lot of my time reading and in doing so I neglected scheduling this post. So finally here it is, the final questions!

Q8: When did you start reading?

As a child I always enjoyed reading. While I read a few books here and there, I never did it nearly enough for it to be considered my hobby. I want to say that all the books that I might have read between ages like seven to eleven were class reads, with the exceptions of a few books.

The library at my elementary school  didn’t really have a variety of chapter books. That didn’t bother me for like grades 1-4, but definitely when I was a fifth and sixth grader I wanted a little more, but all we really had was like Arthur books and goosebumps.

Then I left to middle school and the library there had a way better selection. I was like twelve going on thirteen when I really started reading.

Q9: Where do you read?

For the most part I like to read in my room. I do annotating when I can so I like to be at my desk where I can have all my supplies.

On occasion, if the day is nice, I also like to read outside. My parents have worked really hard to make our garden look nice, so I sometimes like to go out there and just read.

But really, I will read just about anywhere where I can get comfortable. I recently found out  how to make book pockets, so I made myself one that allows me to carry my current read and my annotation supplies wherever I may need them.

Photo by Cecilia Torres/BT&W

Q10: What kind of books do you like to read?

Because I did most of my reading when I was in middle school, a great majority of what I have read falls in the Young Adult (YA) category. I think that even now it is my preferred category because it’s what I’m used to, not to mention a lot of popular books tend to be YA. That said, I am 24 now and I do plan to start, not necessarily moving away from YA but branching off to more adult fiction books.

When it comes to genre, I enjoy reading historical fiction, psychological, fantasy and science fiction the most. I think most of the books I own fall in either of these categories. And, while I’m open to reading outside of these genres, when I buy books I tend to stick to these because there is a much bigger possibility that I will like the book.

Also, I really enjoy reading Manga. I’ve always been iffy about counting manga as “books that I’ve read” as far as reading goals and reading lists go. Mostly just because I can get through a bunch of them really fast, it almost feels like cheating just to raise my number count. Regardless it is a type of book I really enjoy.

I go for most of the same genres that I mention above. The only difference is that when it comes to manga I also enjoy reading romance a lot actually and that’s probably the only difference.

P.S I promise I will put up another review soon!

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