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Book Blog Newbie Tag-Part 2

Before anything else, I just want to say thanks for all the likes on Part 1 of this post, I super appreciate it, I super appreciate everyone. I tried to follow everyone that I could, but if I missed you just drop a comment down below and I will follow 🙂

So here is part two of my Book Blog Newbie tag, I hope you like it. The last and final part will be up next week on Wednesday. 

Q4: Why do you love reading?

I love reading because I honestly have so many good memories attached to the time I started reading.

A lot of my best friends that I had growing up we’re also readers so we bonded through that mutual interest. Sometimes I think it’s a little sad that we don’t talk much anymore (or at all really) but I am glad I still have those memories of our friendship and just being a bunch of nerds together.  

Also, in my like thirteen years in the American public school system there has only ever been one person that left an impression on me. And, that is Mrs. Rendell, the librarian at my middle school. She was just so nice and funny and she always had good book recomendations. Actually she was the one who recommended me my all time favorite series, Maximum Ride. I also liked her because she would pull me out of P.E. class sometimes, just to help out in the Library.

So yeah, reading, good memories, I love it!

Q5: What series got you into reading? 

I don’t know if it’s pretty obvious by now, but the series that really got me into reading was Maximum Ride by James Patterson. I’ve read every single book in the series and I’m always listening for any news on the series. Which in 2020, we got the sort of “reboot” of the series with the book Hawk.

Though this is the series that definitely got me reading, the very first series I actually read was The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. While I enjoyed it, it was an okay series and I would not credit it with having been what made me a reader, I actually grew quite bored towards the end of the series and considered ditching it multiple times.

Keeping it brief because I did write an entire post dealing with this exact topic. It is on the long side so you can skip it if you want but if you’re interested you can read it here.

Q6: What question’s would you ask your favorite authors?

As an aspiring author myself, this is a question that I’ve contemplated many many times.

For starters I would like to ask, what is your strategy when it comes to writing the beginning of  book. I personally struggle with writing good beginnings so I’d appreciate any advice on how to do that – I want a kick ass first line too.

I would also ask, and it’s kind of a generic question but I’d like my favorite authors to answer it. How do you keep yourself motivated to continue writing and continue fleshing out your story?

And some random additional questions would be:

What is your favorite character that you’ve ever written? How do they compare to your favorite character that someone else created?

What music (if any) do you listen to while you write?

What reaction does hearing “Oh I’ve read your book” actually elicit in your brain? And does it change according to the book?  

Q7: What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome? 

One of the hardest challenges, and I’ve already had a hard time with this, is being consistent with my posting. I’ve tried to have a posting schedule in the past but I can never keep to it.

Also, and this is another thing that I constantly worry about, is the fact that I’m not a fast reader. I worry about not finishing books fast enough and therefore not having content to write about fast enough.

I am constantly in awe of others in the book community who just go, “I read 7 books last week, here’s what I think.”

I could never. Even if I didn’t waste as much time as I do like on my phone, on social media, watching shows, etc. I feel like reading three or four books in a month would still be hard for me. So I’m working on that but definitely finding the time to read more is a big challenge that I have to overcome.

Oh and I thought of another challenge last minute. I tend to write very long posts and I know that not everyone has the time and energy to read long posts like that, so this is an issue that I know I really have to work on.

So that’s the end of part 2, if you haven’t already check out part 1 of this post. Again, I split it up just so it won’t be overwhelmingly long. And yeah, part 3 where I answer what kind of books I like, along with two other questions will be up next week!

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