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Post edited on Nov. 9 2020 during a general blog maintenance check.

Surprisingly, I’ve been handling quarantine pretty well. There are days when I do feel lazier and don’t do much, but my hobbies have kept me busy and feeling minimal stress. I hit a big reading slump, after a few smaller ones here and there. But I have been reading.

  After much procrastination, I finally finished and uploaded my review on The Maze Runner by James Dashner. Which, I was also happy to add a snippet of on Goodreads.

  I had actually jumped right into reading The Crucible by Arthur Miller after finishing The Maze Runner. Although it was a much shorter read, I took my time reading it and finished it in late January.

  It wasn’t until after that I hit my first slump for about 2 months. But I bounced back from my slump just fine, even better actually.

  In April, I picked up Alice in Wonderland, finished it. Then jumped right in to a re-read of Riding Freedom which I really enjoyed. Which I then followed up with the spontaneous decision to re-read Twilight.

  I was really feeling Twilight, but sadly ended up abandoning it 10 chapters in because my eyes can’t handle e-books, I guess. Good thing is, I didn’t spend money on the e-book. My local library has really stepped up their game with their selections for the e-book library over the last few years, which is a good thing considering how the Corona Virus has changed things.

  Another interesting thing that happened during my re-read of Twilight, Stephanie Meyer announced the release of Midnight Sun.

  Now, I didn’t know so it came as a complete surprise to me but apparently most of the book community already knew that Midnight Sun was in the works. Pieces of the book – or possibly the whole thing, I’m not really sure – were leaked a long time ago. Basically, its Twilight through Edwards perspective – for all of you who like me read the Twilight Saga and just forgot about it until now.

  My sister, bless her soul, became a huge fan of Twilight after watching the movies and pre-ordered Midnight Sun. She called me as soon as she did to tell me that she will share her copy with me. I think I’m a little more excited about reading it now because it will be a nice little thing to share with my sister.  

 Throughout the course of this I started a new Bullet Journal for all my book notes because why not.

  Over the weekend I had decided that it was time to tackle my TBR list, while balancing out writing the reviews on the books I had already read (which are coming along great). I was about to pick up the book The First Time She Drowned, when my significant other told me he’d gotten me a little something.

  Turns out it was more than a little something. He pre-ordered me Suzanne Collins’ The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Also trying to surprise me, he purchased a book he thought I wanted only to find out it wasn’t the right one. I had mentioned The Six of Crows and he’d forgotten the title and instead ordered Murder of Crows, which is a sequel to another book. After some consideration we decided to keep Murder of Crows, and I would just purchase the first book in the series. Not only that, he still ordered The Six of Crows for me and got a deal on a box set of the two books in the series. So, I’m very excited to receive those in the mail any time now.

  I’m also very excited about the Percy Jackson adaptation news, it’s possibly the best news I’ve heard in 2020. I think that while it’s good to keep up with the news to check on the state of things it can get a little depressing, so it’s nice to hear a bit of light hearted news even if it is not of the outmost importance.

  Slightly less exciting, I am currently hoping to get an advanced reader copy (ARC) of the upcoming Maximum Ride reboot, Hawk. One of my favorite Booktubers, Piera Forde, said that it’s not worth it and not to spend your money on it but I feel like I owe it to my 13-year-old self to see this book series to the end. 

  Anyways that is it, if you’ve read this far Thank You so much please leave a comment, a recommendation, or some thoughts. See you next time.

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